Careers are taking different shapes, according to Harvard research which was summarized in this The New York Times article. Whether you are beginning your career path in your 20’s, or redefining your path in your 30’s, 40’s, or beyond, this story has good news for women, and the way we work.  For example, the research shows that the limitations inherent in adhering to the traditional “retirement age” are fading. One of the most important conclusions of the study is that women who enjoyed their jobs earlier in life were employed longer, generally well past retirement.

In my work, I often see the other end of the age scale –  younger people who are contemplating a career for the first time or an early career change. They are giving considerably more up-front thought to understanding their strengths and how to best apply them to make work – and life – more meaningful than people did in the past. They are highly motivated to truly like their work which will no doubt yield long lasting results. It just might forever banish the notion of a “fixed retirement age.”

It seems that the future is bright no matter where you fall on the age scale!

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