What Our Clients Say

“Elizabeth helped me to realize how my inner traits impact my relationships with others, and how I can leverage my attributes to make the most of potential opportunities. She shared excellent tips with me that I am confident will set me up to be more thorough, professional, and successful.”

Professional in career development

In my therapy practice I hear so many people express their desire to “know their passion” or “know their path”. If they could only discover their strengths, they could learn how to move through life with positive energy. After referring to people to Elizabeth, I am amazed at what she is able to coax out of someone. She brings her own special brand of encouragement and wisdom. I wish everyone could work with Elizabeth!

Licensed Professional Counselor

Elizabeth enabled me to think reflectively about myself as both a person and a leader. Her thoughtful questions and inquisitive nature led me to not only realize my leadership abilities, but to recognize my past experiences that have crafted me into a unique individual in business and life. Having a better understanding of these attributes and their origins is essential to being able to effectively communicate and work with current and future colleagues.

Professional seeking skills in networking and interviewing

Elizabeth gave me an awareness of my trengths and empowered me to develop my own “tool box” of strategies to maximize how I lead. She helped me develop a deeper understanding of who I am and how I am motivated. That insight has given me a way to cultivate my strengths…and foster more productive leadership.

Leader of a Non Profit

“The way you have worked with our son to restore his awareness of, and his confidence in, his strengths vs focusing on his weaknesses has certainly begun to bear fruit. He truly tells people that you “changed his life”….and he is right….and we are seeing it.  You’ve also helped me better understand how to communicate with him and understand the sometimes tricky relationship between a father and a son. So thank you for that, too!”

Parent of a College Student

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