This week, it’s newsworthy to chronicle stories of gratitude lived out in ordinary and extraordinary ways. This is my kind of news! I am grateful to Josh Johnson, host of NPR’s 1A for publicizing this insight. You can listen here.

Psychologists and practitioners take the interview seat to share the research about the impact of practicing gratitude. Johnson writes, “Gratitude, an appreciation for what you have and what others do, can be a very nice feeling.” We also know, thanks to research, that there are Important outcomes of gratitude – when we choose to practice gratitude, we counterbalance the habit of negative thinking. It takes three positive thoughts over one negative to begin this process. A grateful outlook increases well being and stimulates healing, prevents disengagement and job burnout, counteracts stress, and promotes mindfulness. We learn to communicate more effectively to express emotions and move forward rather than complain and remain stuck in a negative spiral.

As we all take stock of what we give thanks for this year, join me in taking this practice deeper. Find a way to make grateful living part of your life. Keep notes of your responses. What are you grateful for today? Why? Who is part of this? How can you bring more of this into your daily living?

Happy Thanksgiving – today and all year long!

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