Meditation tops the list on healthy lifestyle choices.  For many though, the practice of meditation is illusive.  The point of meditation for me is to more fully know my self and find a renewing energy within.  Prayer, breathing, focused thoughts, movement and gardening are activities that guide my meditative process.

Often times I am sort of like a suitcase – empty until filled with the essentials for the journey.  This metaphor implies that my “essentials” come from an external source.  This represents why meditation is beneficial for me.   Meditation keeps taking me to a deeper place within, to my core.  What I find is that everything I need is already there.  Through meditation, what is essential to my well-being comes forward.

My meditation process represents an example of the way I work with individuals.  I find that the truth and story of one’s talents, gifts and strengths are within him and her.  By working together we can bring those truths to the surface, and more clearly see where one’s potential lives.  From there our collaborative work begins.

I believe everyone possesses talents and has great potential.  I also recognize that each of us has handicaps and obstacles that are part of our story.  When we look at both sides, we can find the way to achieve balance.  An awareness and understanding of both talents and obstacles inform us and give us a reference point as we seek to know and be more fully ourselves.

Discovering what our strengths are and how to use them becomes a practice of life.  This practice requires balance.  Meditation  is a key to entering balance.  So balance is both  seeking and finding.  It is the result of understanding both our strengths and obstacles and the practice of  using them and being our best.

How are you seeking balance?  What practices help you know your self better?

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