What is your “one word” of intention to guide you to be your best this year?

As a new year begins, we hear many people tossing around the idea of “one word” to frame up the new year and give it more focus.  This idea is something I have put into practice in my own life. I really love the idea of focusing deeply on a concept.  I am amazed by how much I learn when I slow down my focus on a single word or idea. In the past few years, I have studied Trust, Living On Purpose, Creating, Play, ….

This year, I have two words that I am exploring.  One is “Light”.  I want to explore the different meanings Light has and consider how it encourages and informs me.  I also have a guiding word. My one word is Wholehearted.

I want my decisions, my strong “yes” and “no” to be guided by results that make me feel whole hearted.

For me, what does this word means?

  • Living with intention
  • Knowing that my values and purpose are aligned so I stay true to what matters most to me
  • Loving deeply and allowing this love to show in the way I treat everyone
  • Giving my full efforts to what I commit to – I call this “swimming in the deep end” (instead of shallow wading without need for skill, talent, companionship, commitment)
  • Building a strong community where everyone feels connected and engaged
  • Stretching to my fullest potential, and taking risks that get me there

Dr. Brené Brown created an acronym that helps me see what it means to live wholeheartedly.

Brené gives us an acronym that helps us see evidence of an intentional life.

BRAVING – Boundaries, Reliability, Accountability, Vault, Integrity, Non judgment, Generosity

This year, I want to live wholeheartedly and build a community that promotes brave, wholehearted living.  In fact, to extend this idea, The Strengths Studio will host a book club for women who want to read and discuss Braving the Wilderness, by Dr. Brené Brown.  This book is at the top of my recommended reads, so I hope you will join us. Send an email to get the details and reference “Braving”.

As for making my “one word” stick, I have four questions I am asking myself to keep it real.

What does this one word mean for me?  What does it look like when this trait is at its best? How will my strengths help me make this word/trait come alive throughout the year? And finally, I need an accountability partner or two.  Who will help me put my desires for wholehearted living into practice?  I know cannot do this alone.  Sharing this “one word” with you begins my journey of surrounding myself with people who will help me live into this intention.  I also want to create more community among like-minded people.  This will be one of my brave moves in 2018.

As for practicing wholehearted living, my relationship-oriented strengths will help me rise into this ideal.  At my best, I will honor my need to see the unique in everyone – even myself.  I will ease up on my striving and practice the truth that “We are all imperfect humans living in an imperfect world”.  I want to see potential in everyone and will be intentional about building relationships with people who are in my community and tribes – those places where I live, work, worship and feel most aligned with what matters to me.  This may sound like I am planning to hang out more in my comfort zone.   But if I am true to being wholehearted, I will stretch the most in this area.  I can spend hours with people who share lots about themselves but learn very little about me.  I am slow to share about myself and usually don’t share when others don’t ask.  So I will have to share more openly and be more vulnerable with others.  I know I can practice vulnerability when I am true to what matters most to me.

Now, your turn.

What is YOUR word?  Why does this word arise now?

How does your word manifest when it is at its best in your life?

How will your Strengths help you make this word come alive for you this year?

And who will keep you attuned to your word?  Share it with me!  I would love to journey with you!

I would love to hear from you and share in the making of this One Word ideal for you.  And I would love for you to join me in reading Braving the Wilderness.  Our next post will talk more and get the conversation started.

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