Whenever I pass a rose garden, the fragrance captivates me.  Watching a rose garden come into bloom is instructive for understanding human nature.  In our perfect timing, we also bloom by pushing through the struggles of life.  By opening up, we share our finest nature with our world.

Who can resist the visible beauty of a rose in bloom!  Both fragrant and thorny, the rose symbolizes aspects of human nature.  In Spring, the rose gives us the bud, the thorns and the bloom.  Of course, like humans, the rose is more complex than this.  But today I consider what I see.

Roses push through the pain of staying tight in their bud to open.  Not until it opens does a rose even become fragrant!  Of course, a bud has its own beauty.  Being like a bud, though, is remaining childlike.  As humans we all want to grow into our fullest potential.  This process requires some changes.

Recognize the difference between a bud and a bloom.  The bud squeezes its petals and says, “Don’t open!  Don’t change!”  A bloom, however, pushes passed that stage, those inhibitions. Naturally opening to the world, the blooms releases both its fear and its strength.

Thorns protect roses.  We all need a shield of some sort.  If you select a shield, let it still reflect your truth.  In my garden, among the climbing roses, birds have built a nest.  And from this rose arbor, I hear chirping of baby birds.  Their shield of protection says a lot to me.  Nature serves its purpose well.   Some may not be able to appreciate the rose for need to avoid the thorns. But, as with this flower, those who value your beauty and strength will move passed your apparent thorns.  Even with its thorns, the rose is spectacularly beautiful.  So are humans!

Today I will linger among the roses and consider how to be more open.  Won’t you join me among the rose garden of life?  As you travel your path today, be open.  Release your strengths and gifts to the world.  The results will like feel like abundance to you and to others.

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