Are you (re)Starting your career?

Okay, let’s begin with a few questions:

Do you ever wonder:

  • Why you make certain choices?
  • Why you do what you do?
  • Why you like certain things?
  • Why you’re just better at some things than others?

Your talents – those thoughts, feelings and behaviors that come naturally – are the real source of your true potential and power. Knowing and understanding your talents helps you:

  • understand who you are
  • describe yourself
  • learn how they influence your choices
  • how they direct your actions
  • express why you are better at some things than others
  • And even explain why obstacles get in the way of your success

In my therapy practice I hear so many people express their desire to “know their passion” or “know their path”. If they could only discover their strengths, they could learn how to move through life with positive energy. After referring  people to Elizabeth, I am amazed at what she is able to coax out of someone. She brings her own special brand of encouragement and wisdom. I wish everyone could work with Elizabeth!

Licensed Professional Counselor

I need Career Development

I want to discover My Strengths

I want greater Leadership Success

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