As we prepare for a strong start to a prosperous new year, particular tools enable us to meet the demands that lead to success.

What do you keep in your toolbox to put your strengths to work for you?

Here are three essential tools that are unique to each of us in how we use them.   How can these tools empower you to achieve your goals and New Year Resolutions?

  1. Self-discipline
  2. Resources
  3. Sincerity

Discipline is a gift within each of us that helps us reach our fullest potential.  Clearly, some of us have more discipline than others.  And what we have shows up better in some areas than others.  This is an essential ingredient, worth cultivating.  To fuel our discipline, we need a “why” and a “how”.

  • “Why do I want to achieve this specific goal?  Why does this goal matter to me?  Why I am motivated or drawn to the possibility of this outcome?”
  • “How will I do it?  On a regular basis, how will I act so that I move forward to my goal?”

Our “why” is rooted in an understanding of who we are – in the sense of our natural strengths.  So when we employ self-discipline, we are simply using our natural strengths to their fullest potential.  To nurture our self-discipline, we envision a path and look for the signs that guide us.   If self-discipline is not natural for you, consider your strengths.  “How” do you fan the flame of your strengths?

  • consider your choices
  • identify your accountability partners who keep you “honest”
  • say a strong “no” and an intentional “yes”
  • pace yourself

These guideposts help us to know what tools work for us and how to use them well.  What disciplines help you grow your strengths?

Resources are the support systems – friends, colleagues, mentors, teachers, coaches, bosses, leaders – who keep us in line with our plans, goals and objectives.  They keep us accountable to what truly matters to us.  They serve as a sounding board, an additional source of knowledge and skill.  They offer an objective, non-judgmental perspective.

Sincerity is a quality to guide our sense of self.  Who are we, really?  Sincerity is not something that we put on and take off in different situations.  Sincerity is a reflection of our most authentic self.  When we are sincere, we can say “yes” and “no” with confidence and ease.  We know that we dedicate our time and efforts to what matters to us.  And we can pace ourselves so that we finish what we start.  A steady pace is born in discipline.  Promoted by our team of resources who keep us accountable and true to who we are.

Here’s to the start that leads to a strong and prosperous new year!   May we fan the flames of who we are to do and be our best.

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