Hi Friends, May this new year abound with opportunities for growth and prosperity.  At The Strengths Studio, we are building a stronger foundation to help individuals and teams discover your strengths in order to live a rewarding and meaningful life.  We appreciate every opportunity to share resources with you.  Our mission empowers us to use this space to share insights and best practices that help you discover and develop your unique strengths.  Personal growth increases when a companion is alongside.  Your goal is deeply connected to our goal.  Our goal is to guide you with encouragement, building your confidence and shining a light on what is RIGHT with you as you journey to the “very best you”.  We challenge you to reach for goals that stretch you, and enable you to create stronger relationships, pursue meaningful work and live an abundant life.  We want you to succeed, whatever that means for you.

As the new year begins, perhaps you have a Resolution.  We all tend to think about or even state aloud what we hope to improve this year.  Some of us are taking action and engaging in new practices that create a “better you”.  We know how important goals are.  We also know how hard it is to make goals become a reality.  Don’t worry!  We can help you!  During January, we will share insights around goal keeping.

I want to share a link to one of my favorite podcasts that sets up a brilliant process for making an important resolution or goal come to life.

Jonathan Fields, Founder of Good Life Project, shares his “Success Scaffolding” that highlights the important aspects of making a goal become real.  He offers amazing and practical insight.  You can listen here.

Jonathan Fields strategies of “Success Scaffolding”

Pledging – make a statement and actions out loud – to someone – that claim what you are committed to doing

People – surround yourself with the right people to support your success

  • parallel playmates
  • champions
  • mentors/teachers/guides
  • accountability partners
  • community

Possibility – believe that the door to possibility is open, that the good you want to achieve is possible for you

Proof – find evidence in your life or from others that there is power in the possibility and in the ability to overcome doubt around impossibility

Picture –take pictures along the way to document your proof and progress and help you find a way to counter negative thinking

Practical Process – profile your own reality and context of your life – from where you are today, how will you realistically accomplish your goal?

Practice –  bake rituals into your daily life so that what you want to accomplish becomes part of who are are.

Notice how integrated his points are.  Fields encourages us to build a strong community of people who collaborate with us to create our success.  We are not alone in the journey to do and be our best.  This brave act of pursuing a goal deserves a tribe approach.  Who believes in you?  Get them involved in what matters to you!

Every day marks the beginning of a new year.  So be kind to yourself as you find your best path.  Let us know how we can help you achieve your greatest potential.

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