For many people, making New Year’s Resolutions is a ritual.   An entire year spreads untouched in front of us, waiting for us to make our imprint.  The idea of starting something new with a positive seems right.  We cast our vision for this new year with an ideal of how to become more of who we are at our best.

Planning and achieving goals is a skill. Perhaps the best time to begin developing skills around goal setting is at the beginning of a new year. Children (of all ages) seem to have a knack for knowing how to “right-size” a goal for the whole year. This New Year’s Resolution creates a great time to help children make meaningful resolutions.  As a team, parent and child can work together to build action plans that are manageable.  This article offers sound guidance that might help everyone in the family make and keep resolutions.  One sure way to make a goal stick is to publicly announce it!  As a family you can encourage and support one another and ensure that each of you get the most out of your aspirations for the new year!

Here’s to a spectacular 2017!

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