“There is something you do better than ten thousand other people, and we just need to find what it is.”

Dr. Don Clifton, founder, CliftonStrengths

I love this quote.  Does it inspire you to dig deeper to uncover what you do better than ten thousand other people? I know how hard it can be to identify your “something”.  The quest is essential though. The answer reveals how you contribute your talents and strengths and make a meaningful impact in the world.  Most of us can easily miss this insight because our strengths show up in ways we naturally think, act and feel.  We take for granted what is easy and natural for us.  Perhaps we have a notion of “leadership” and see our contribution as different than the one who takes the podium or gets recognition for achievements and winning.  Yet all of us have a unique way of making a difference.

One way of thinking about how you are unique is to notice how you make things happen.  Are you a list maker?  Or do you prefer to dive into a great idea and get something started so someone else can carry the idea forward to make something happen?

Are you one who tends to focus on a problem to find the root cause?  Or can you easily move from task to task, juggling several assignments at one time?

Do you like the methodical process of research to gather information and find a decision?  Or can you intuitively envision alternatives and easily see the best path for a positive outcome?

These questions show the contrast in how you think, act or feel.  There is not one right way of doing many things.  As I work with clients who want clarity in their career, life and relationships, I notice a natural human tendency.  We all tend to think that our way – which is different from others’ way – reveals a weakness.  Oftentimes this contrast points more to a strength though.

Instead of comparing your performance to others’, try to contrast.  For example, create an internal dialogue that goes like this.  “I notice that she approaches a problem this way, and I take this approach.  We are different.  What does my approach show me about the way I perform at my best?”  Notice the contrast and explore why you prefer your way.  I believe you will see connections to your strengths.

I think there is nothing more rewarding than understanding who you are and what you are meant to do and be.  Get to know your strengths.  Let’s explore this topic together!  We are here to help you uncover your strengths and live into your greatest potential.

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